Privacy Policy

By using the services provided by Hostlim, you agree to use the information we receive about you as set forth in this agreement.


Hostlim requests the least necessary information to provide you with the right service. This contract explains what kind of information is received with what kind of transactions. By using our site, you give Hostlim the right to collect this information.


Information about payments with your card


When making credit card payments or home debit cards, we care about the security of your card details above all else. Therefore, thanks to the 256-bit SSL certificate, we ensure that your card details are sent encrypted, even to online cafes, etc. With all these precautions, when you make purchases on our site, we do not host your credit card details on our site.


Information received


Some or all of the following information may be requested depending on the service you have received / the payment you have made: Your name, surname, telephone number, address, ID number, e-mail address. Additionally, additional information / documents may be required. If necessary, you are required to provide Hostlim with the information you requested within the requested time.


Your ID and tax numbers are stored in the system so you can issue an invoice to yourself and find a real recipient when needed. Your ID numbers will only be used when invoicing is issued and for presentation to legal authorities when necessary. In addition, it may not be used or disclosed to third parties other than legal authorities.


Use of information


Hostlim uses the information collected primarily to satisfy your purpose of visiting our site. All necessary measures have been taken to ensure unauthorized access to this information. However, Hostlim has no legal or criminal responsibility for analyzing the recorded information in an intrusive situation.




Your web browser has the ability to store information called “cookies” so that websites can identify your account. Hostlim also uses this feature. You can prevent these cookies from being installed on your computer, but in this case you will not be able to take full advantage of the Hostlim website.


Disclosure of information


The information collected about you through the Hostlim Website is not disclosed to third parties. Your information will be used to contact you and inform you about Hostlim. If Hostlim decides to share your information with third parties, this will only be done with your consent. You are free to delete the information collected by our system at any time (unless you receive service from Hostlim).


From time to time, Hostlim may disclose certain information to certain third parties (how many people have accessed the Hostlim Website, how many completed orders, etc.), but none of this shared information will reveal your identity or the information that damage your privacy.


Providing legal information


Hostlim reserves the right to disclose customer information to legal authorities when necessary without notifying the customer. Hostlim will work with legal authorities.


Contract changes


Any changes to this agreement will be visible here. Hostlim reserves the right to change the contract without notice. You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time (unless you receive service from Hostlim).




If you have any questions about Hostlim’s privacy policies and would like to know what information has been received about you, you may receive information by sending an email to